Old Images

1956 – 1980

First photo

1956, my first photo.  Bud Riddle (featured) set up the shot for me.  The hole punch frame right was my attempt at post processing.

The sharper the dresser the better the photos.

Hanging with cop killer Phil who after years of incarceration had just been released from Atascadero State Hospital for the criminally insane.

Images from College of San Mateo photo class.  My love of the image was forged watching fellow students leave photo critiques streaming in tears.  Art as a blood sport, art as an objective ideal.

Ralph Records.

2000  The cancer had moved from my mom’s lung to her brain. My young sister who’d been caring for her was at her right. My wife of almost two years and my daughter were on the left. In a matter of days my mom would die and my marriage end. (perhaps the best photo I’ve ever taken)